So Doc built this website (and two others) for John Johnson DBA The Auto Port INC earlier in 2020. Mr. Johnson charged back $232 for services rendered that he claims were unauthorized. Not a call or email about the unannounced chargebacks. Paybacks are a bitch John! 🤬

john johnson dba the auto port inc tampa bay chargeback on vendor

This was an old buddy sort of deal between long time friends. Not only did Doc build this website, he professionaly reworded and seo optimized Mr. Johnson’s main website, The Auto Port Inc hosted by Autorevo. AND he seo optimized the auto port’s Facebook page. Doc never charged him a red cent for all the work he did. The agreement between friends was to pay the monthly server charges with his Visa Card. Today Doc’s host send emails notifying him of the auto port inc chargeback.

Doc paid the reversed charges upon notification. I’ve known this guy for better than 25 Years. John Johnson is a multi-millionaire who has the first dollar he ever made. But he does not have any friends. Even made his girlfriend pay him for her own car!

With friends like John Johnson ~ Who Needs Enemies! 😥